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Melanie Vann, founder and CEO of Your Wise Therapist,  has been in the mental health field for over 15 years. She obtained her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Regent University and her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Old Dominion University. Her passion to help others embrace their hardships and heal has taken her to multiple realms of the mental health industry. Her expertise is multi- dimensional as she has counseled those suffering with eating disorders, brain injury, borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety, self-mutilation, sexual abuse, emotional abuse,  narcissistic abuse, and unresolved grief.

Melanie worked in various private practice settings during her tenure as a counselor in residency. Her work in rehabilitative psychology led her to a position as a psychotherapist and case manager at The Virginia Institute of Neuropsychiatry.  There she became well versed in medication management for Traumatic Brain Injury patients and practice management serving as their marketing liaison.  Melanie's desire to connect with others who have the common goal of destigmatizing mental health became her trademark.

While in private counseling practice, she soon gained a reputation for being able to counsel difficult to treat patients who had been treated by multiple therapists or rehab facilities but gained no remission or healing. During her work with hard to treat patients, she began to use an array of experiential therapies; Equine Therapy being one of them. After shadowing a local equine specialist she eventually got her own horse that she would incorporate into her treatment plans. She immediately recognized the power of the Equine and sought professional training to enhance her skill set. Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association or EAGALA, was her obvious choice due to the reputation they have in the therapy realm. 

In 2010, Melanie founded Talk to Melanie, an online life coaching forum. She obtained her certification through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Life coaching became a way for her to not only help people heal from the past, but also succeed in the future. She has done divorce, career, wellness,  abuse, and relationship coaching.  Her dedication to the wellness and wholeness of others is evident in her commitment to seeing her clients through until the end. 

Melanie has always had a heart for the non-profit sector. This is her most rewarding work; volunteering at hospitals, rehab facilities, and local health care agencies helping those who are less fortunate. She sees the deep value in maintaining a culture that always keeps an open heart and mind for those that find themselves in less that desirable circumstances. Melanie hopes to continue this legacy by creating a foundation funded by Your Wise Therapist that will help those seeking help and healing have the financial means to do so.

For the past three years, Melanie has had the honor to work with Mental Health News Radio Network as their Program and Advocacy Director. Her work with this network has allowed her to have a global impact on those who suffer from mental illness and abuse. She co-host one of it's most popular podcast, Empowered Empaths, and has her own show Memoirs of Madness. Melanie writes blogs, creates social media content, and is the behind the scenes operator to the daily ins and outs of running a global podcast. 

Melanie created YWT to be  a comprehensive resource in which clinicians, organizations, and consumers can come to always be comforted, educated, and empowered.  She  has completed intensive training by attending workshops and earning continuing education units that focus on treatment strategies for cluster B personality disorders to include narcissism and narcissistic abuse recovery. Melanie has been quoted in best selling author Shahida Arabi's books surrounding the topic of narcissism. She has also been a behavioral health consultant for struggling companies and creates curriculum for various mental health topics to include mental health/wellness, autism sensitivity, HIPAA compliance, mental illness in the workplace, and many more. 

Melanie is proud to be the handler for Ramses, a golden retriever service dog for her son with Autism. Ramses is part of her son's treatment plan and also a huge part of their family. Melanie enjoys helping others understand the value of service animals and has given educational workshops on parenting  children with autism. She also enjoys riding her horses, Diamonds and Rocky.

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