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While counseling is often needed to find healing, coaching can help you learn how to thrive. Coaching can also be useful when the logistics of moving forward has you stuck. Our coaches are also held to the highest standard. They all have completed specialized coaching programs that utilize tools to help those who are ready to move forward do so confidently.

Life coaching offers clients an ongoing professional relationship with a coach that can help produce extraordinary results in ones life or workplace. Coaching is FORWARD thinking, where counseling is often BACKWARDS thinking to heal and unravel negative coping patterns. Coaching can offer clarity, accountability, unbiased input, and personal development.

There are many benefits to coaching including, learning how to become empowered, achieving goals, motivation to meet goals, becoming more self reliant, taking greater interest in the future, and gaining life satisfaction. Coaching can also help an individual  meet a short term goal like saving enough money to leave an abuser, helping one find a safe environment, and or contacting and retaining an attorney.  

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