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A mental health or behavioral health consultant is a mental health professional that has expertise in various areas of study in the field. Consultants are valuable to families, organizations, and other large communities that may be facing mental health or organizational  challenges. Consultants have a firm grasp on how behavior and mental health impacts an environment. 

When problems arise within a system, a consultant can evaluate the impact of behavioral health concerns and help direct a movement to better well-being. They have a deep understanding of social and emotional systems that often get derailed by trauma or toxic co-workers and family members. Consultants use strategy and analytical skills to create change in a dysfunctional system whether it be in business or within a family.  

Consulting can help an organization improve overall performance by helping identify areas that are not working to the greatest potential. A behavioral health consultant can help increase employee engagement, identify high potential employees, boost efficiency, identify development opportunities, as well as identify systems that are unhealthy and effecting the company as a whole.

They can also help a company organize a more educated perspective on mental health and how it effects production and morale. 1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with some form of mental illness in a lifetime, which means their work performance will be effected. When organizations create a nurturing environment concerning mental health, they become more productive and there is less overall sick leave. 

There is a new trend on the horizon, and that is hiring in-house counselors for organizations. A behavioral health consultant can help your company assess the need, follow through with hiring, and implementing the counselor into the work environment. 

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