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Our #mentalhealthified campaign is a comprehensive mental health awareness workshop that can be tailored for different organizational needs. The purpose of #mentalhealthified is to leave your organization more educated about mental health stigma. The campaign also teaches basic knowledge about mental illness, how to spot it in the workplace, and how to create a compassionate climate for mental wellness in general.

We hope to make #mentalhealthified a household name that everyone recognizes as the gold standard when it comes to mental health education. There are many ways in which your company or organization can become "mentalhealthified". Don't leave your business in a vulnerable position when it comes to mental health. 1 in 4 is effected, so create an empowering environment for all to thrive. 

Contact us to discover more about this forward thinking campaign and how your company can benefit from becoming #Mentalhealthified. We will be happy to send you more info about this fun and comprehensive campaign. 

Please feel free to contact me!